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Volume 9, Number 6, 2019, Pages 2308-2317                                                                DOI:10.11948/20190083
On the UPSS method for non-Hermitian singular saddle point problems
Shu-Xin Miao,Jing Zhang
Keywords:Singular saddle-point problem, UPSS method, semi-convergence.
      Recently, a new Uzawa-type method, referred as the UPSS method, is proposed for solving the non-Hermitian nonsingular saddle point problems, see Dou, Yang and Wu (2017). In this paper, we give the semi-convergence analysis of the UPSS method when it is used to solve non-Hermitian singular saddle point problems. An example is given to verify the effectiveness of this method for solving non-Hermitian singular saddle point problems.
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