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Volume 9, Number 5, 2019, Pages 1616-1638                                                                DOI:10.11948/20180008
The Isoenergetic KAM-Type Theorem at Resonant Case for Nearly Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
Weichao Qian,Yong Li,Xue Yang
Keywords:Isoenergetic KAM-type theorem, resonant case, nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems.
      In this paper, we study the persistence of resonant invariant tori on energy surfaces for nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems under the usual R$\ddot{u}$ssmann nondegenerate condition. By a quasilinear iterative scheme, we prove the following things: (1) The majority of resonant tori on a given energy surface will be persisted under R$\ddot{u}$ssmann nondegenerate condition. (2) The maximal number about the preserved frequency components on a perturbed torus is characterized by the smaller of the maximal rank of the Hessian matrices of the unperturbed system and the nondegeneracy of resonance. (3) If unperturbed systems admit subisoenergetic nondegeneracy on an energy surface, then the majority of the unperturbed resonant tori on the energy surface will be persisted and give rise to a family of perturbed tori with the same energy, whose frequency ratios among respective ''nondegenerate'' components are preserved.
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