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Volume 8, Number 5, 2018, Pages 1555-1574                                                                DOI:10.11948/2018.1555
On equalities of BLUEs for a multiple restricted partitioned linear model
Yunying Huang,Bing Zheng,Guoliang Chen
Keywords:Partitioned linear model, restricted models, BLUE, additive decomposition of estimation, Moore-Penrose inverse.
      For the multiple restricted partitioned linear model ${\mathscr{M}}=\{y, X_1$ $\beta_1+\cdots+X_s\beta_s\mid A_1\beta_1=b_1, \cdots, A_s\beta_s=b_s, \Sigma\}$, the relationships between the restricted partitioned linear model ${\mathscr{M}}$ and the corresponding $s$ small restricted linear models ${\mathscr{M}}_i=\{y, X_i\beta_i\mid A_i\beta_i=b_i, \Sigma\},~i=1, \cdots , s$ are studied. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the best linear unbiased estimators $(\mbox{BLUEs})$ under the full restricted model to be the sums of BLUEs under the $s$ small restricted model are derived. Some statistical properties of the \mbox{BLUEs} are also described.
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