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Volume 8, Number 6, 2018, Pages 1747-1757                                                                DOI:10.11948/2018.1747
Multivalued fixed point in Banach algebra using continuous selection and its application to differential inclusion
G. Poonguzali,Muthiah Marudai,Choonkil Park
Keywords:Perfectly normal, Hausdorff metric, set-valued nonexpansive map, fixed point, differential inclusion.
      In this paper, we provide some fixed point results using continuous selection given by Poonguzali et al. [15]. Also, using the selection theorem we discusse the existence of fixed point for the product of two multivalued mappings, that is, of the form $Ax\cdot Bx.$ Using those fixed point results, we give the existence of solution for a newly developed differential inclusion.
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