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Volume 5, Number 4, 2015, Pages 534-561                                                                DOI:10.11948/2015042
Intuitionistic uncertain linguistic powered einstein aggregation operators and their application to multi-attribute group decision making
Peide Liu,Lanlan Shi
Keywords:Intuitionistic uncertain linguistic number;power aggregation(PA) operator;intuitionistic uncertain linguistic fuzzy powered Einstein weighted (IULFPEWA) operator;intuitionistic uncertain linguistic fuzzy Einstein weighted geometric (IULFPEWG) operator
      The intuitionistic uncertain fuzzy linguistic variable can easily expressthe fuzzy information, and the power average (PA) operator is a usefultool which provides more versatility in the information aggregation procedure.At the same time, Einstein operations are a kind of various t-normsand t-conorms families which can be used to perform the corresponding intersectionsand unions of intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFSs). In this paper, wewill combine the PA operator and Einstein operations to intuitionistic uncertainlinguistic environment, and propose some new PA operators. Firstly,the definition and some basic operations of intuitionistic uncertain linguisticnumber (IULN), power aggregation (PA) operator and Einstein operationsare introduced. Then, we propose intuitionistic uncertain linguistic fuzzypowered Einstein averaging (IULFPEA) operator, intuitionistic uncertain linguisticfuzzy powered Einstein weighted (IULFPEWA) operator, intuitionisticuncertain linguistic fuzzy Einstein geometric (IULFPEG) operator and intuitionisticuncertain linguistic fuzzy Einstein weighted geometric (IULFPEWG)operator, and discuss some properties of them in detail. Furthermore, we developthe decision making methods for multi-attribute group decision making(MAGDM) problems with intuitionistic uncertain linguistic information andgive the detail decision steps. At last, an illustrate example is given to showthe process of decision making and the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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