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Volume 5, Number 2, 2015, Pages 177-188                                                                DOI:10.11948/2015016
A social network model with proximity prestige property
Yuli Zhao,Hai Yu,Wei Zhang,Wenhua Zhang,Zhiliang Zhu
Keywords:Complex network, proximity prestige, fast information spreading.
      In general, many real-world networks not only possess scale-free and high clustering coefficient properties, but also have a fast information transmission capability. However, the existing network models are unable to well present the intrinsic fast information transmission feature. The initial infected nodes and the network topology are two factors that affect the information transmission capability. By using preferential attachment to high proximity prestige nodes and triad formation, we provide a proximity prestige network model, which has scale-free property and high clustering coefficient. Simulation results further indicate that the new model also possesses tunable information transmission capability archived by adjusting its parameters. Moreover, comparing with the BA scale-free network, the proximity prestige network PPNet05 achieves a higher transmission capability when messages travel based on SIR and SIS models. Our conclusions are directed to possible applications in rumor or information spreading mechanisms.
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