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Volume 3, Number 4, 2013, Pages 405-431                                                                DOI:10.11948/2013030
Bifurcations of periodic solutions and chaos in Duffing-van der Pol equation with one external forcing
Zhiyan Yang,Tao Jiang,Zhujun Jing
Keywords:Duffing-Van der Pol equation
      The Duffing-Van der Pol equation withfifth nonlinear-restoring force and one external forcing term isinvestigated in detail: the existence and bifurcations of harmonicand second-order subharmonic, and third-order subharmonic,third-order superharmonic and $m$-order subharmonic under smallperturbations are obtained by using second-order averaging methodand subharmonic Melnikov function; the threshold values of existenceof chaotic motion are obtained by using Melnikov method. Thenumerical simulation results including the influences of periodicand quasi-periodic and all parameters exhibit more new complexdynamical behaviors. We show that the reverse period-doublingbifurcation to chaos, period-doubling bifurcation to chaos,quasi-periodic orbits route to chaos, onset of chaos, and chaossuddenly disappearing, and chaos suddenly converting to periodorbits, different chaotic regions with a great abundance of periodicwindows (periods:1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10,13,15,17,19,21,25,29,31,37,41, andso on), and more wide period-one window, and varied chaoticattractors including small size and maximum Lyapunov exponentapproximate to zero but positive, and the symmetry-breaking ofperiodic orbits. In particular, the system can leave chaotic regionto periodic motion by adjusting the parameters $p, \beta, \gamma, f$and $\omega$, which can be considered as a control strategy.
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