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Volume 1, Number 2, 2011, Pages 219-242                                                                DOI:10.11948/2011015
On the existence of bubble-type solutions of nonlinear singular problems
Feng Jiao,Jianshe Yu
Keywords:Singular boundary value problem
      Considered in this paper is a class of singular boundary value problem, arising in hydrodynamics and nonlinear field theory, when centrally bubble-type solutions are sought: \((p(t)u0)0 = c(t)p(t)f(u); u0(0) = 0; u(+1) = L > 0\) in the half-line \([0;+1)\), where \(p(0) = 0\). We are interested in strictly increasing solutions of this problem in \([0;1)\) having just one zero in \((0;+1) \)and finite limit at zero, which has great importance in applications or pure and applied mathematics. Su±cient conditions of the existence of such solutions are obtained by applying the critical point theory and by using shooting argument [9,10] to better analysis the properties of certain solutions associated with the singular di®erential equation. To the authors' knowledge, for the first time, the above problem is dealt with when f satis¯es non-Lipschitz condition. Recent results in the literature are generalized and signi¯cantly improved.
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