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Darboux transformations, multisolitons, breather and rogue wave solutions for a higher-order dispersive nonlinear Schrodinger equation
Hongyi Zhang,Yufeng Zhang
Keywords:Darboux transformation; Higher-order dispersive nonlinear Schrodinger equation; Solitons; Breather waves; Rogue waves
      In this paper, dynamic of a higher-order dispersive nonlinear Schrodinger equation is investigated. Firstly, we obtain the determinant representation of the N-fold Darboux transformations of the Schrodinger equation. Then based on the above analysis, we get the one-soliton, two-soliton and the breather wave solution. Furthermore, the first-order rogue wave is derived by means of a Taylor expansion of the breather wave. Finally, by selecting some special parameters and drawing the 3-D and 2-D graphs to better describe the dynamic traits of those solutions.
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