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General high-order breather solutions, lump solutions and mixed solutions in the (2+1)-dimensional bidirectional Sawada-Kotera equation
Biao Li,Jiao-Jiao Dong,Manwai Yuen
Keywords:(2+1)-dimensional bSK equation; Hirota"s bilinear; breather solutions; lump solutions; mixed solution
      In this paper, we investigate some interesting solution structures of the (2+1)-dimensional bidirectional Sawada-Kotera (bSK) equation. We obtain general high-order breather solutions by utilizing the Hirota"s bilinear method united with the perturbation expansion technique. Taking a long-wave limit of the obtained breather solutions and then making particular parameter constraints, smooth rational solutions are generated, which include high-order lumps and mixed solutions consisting of lumps and stripe. In order to easily explore the dynamical behaviors, some plots are presented to analyse these solutions.