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Global results for an HIV/AIDS model with multiple susceptible classes and nonlinear incidence
Wei Yang
Keywords:HIV/AIDS, cautious susceptible, general nonlinear incidence, basic reproduction number
      In this paper, an HIV/AIDS epidemic model is proposed in which there are two susceptible classes. Two types of general nonlinear incidence functions are employed to depict the scenarios of infection among cautious and incautious individuals. Qualitative analyses are performed, in terms of the basic reproduction number R0, to gain the global dynamics of the model: the disease-free equilibrium is of global asymptotic stability when R0<=1; a unique endemic equilibrium exists and globally asymptotically stable R0 > 1. The introduction of cautious susceptible and the resulting multiple transmission functions have positive effect on HIV/AIDS prevalence. Numerical simulations are carried out to illustrate and extend the obtained analytical results.