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Newly Produced Disc E?ects via Advanced Contractions on F-metric Space
Aftab Hussain,Marwan Amin Kutbi,Nawab Hussain,Hamza Farooq
Keywords:Fixed disc; F-metric space; α?ψ?contraction; Volterra Integral equation.
      In this paper, authors are presenting this novel method for the orientation of ?xed circle results in F-metric space. The main theme of authors is about the evaluation of disc on F-metric space is also done in this paper. Some very useful contractions are also introduce for further studies on F-metric space. Where we have include the open problem related to the prevalence of the metric spaces. Authors are mainly focus on the F-metric space for generate some ?xed circle results discuss an open problem for researchers. The authors achieve results by using the examples of F-metric space to solve the problem. There are motivations for volterra Integral equation and ?nd the existence of a solution to an initial value problem of second order di?erential equation.