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Control and Adaptive Modified Function Projective Synchronization of Liu Chaotic Dynamical System
Mohamed Mohamed EL-Dessoky Ahmed,Ebraheem Othman Alzahrani,Nehad Ahmed Almohammadi
Keywords:Feedback Control Method, Liu Chaotic Dynamical System, Routh-Hurwitz Criterion, Lyapunov Stability, Projective Synchronization
      In this paper, the proposed behavior of Liu chaotic dynamical system is demonstrated by the feedback control method. Under a few conditions on the parameters of the system, the controlled system is stable and determined by Routh-Hurwitz criterion. This paper also presents the adaptive modified function projective synchronization {(}AMFPS{)} between two identical Liu chaotic dynamical systems. According to the Lyapunov stability theorem, adaptive control laws are designed to achieve the AMFPS. In conclusion, some numerical simulations are confirmed to approve the proposed methods.