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Limit cycle Bifurcation for a nilpotent system in Z3-equivariant vector field
Keywords:Third-order nilpotent critical point, Z3-equivariant, bifurcation of limit cycles, Quasi-Lyapunov constant
      Our work is concerned with the problem on limit cycles bifurcation for a class of Z3-equivariant Lyapunov system of five degrees with three third-order nilpotent critical points which lie in a Z3-equivariant vector field. With the help of computer algebra system-MATHEMATICA, the first 5 quasi-Lyapunov constants are deduced. The fact of existing 12 small amplitude limit cycles created from the three third-order nilpotent critical points is also proved. Our proof is algebraic and symbolic, obtained result is new and interesting in terms of nilpotent critical points'' Hilbert number in equivariant vector field.