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Volume 10, Number 1, 2020, Pages 210-222                                                                DOI:10.11948/20190113
Bifurcations and exact travelling wave solutions of M-N-Wang equation
Weihong Mao
Keywords:Solitary wave solution, periodic peakon, anti-peakon, Mikhailov-Novikov-Wang integrable equation.
      By using the method of dynamical systems to Mikhailov-Novikov-Wang Equation, through qualitative analysis, we obtain bifurcations of phase portraits of the traveling system of the derivative $\phi(\xi)$ of the wave function $\psi(\xi)$. Under different parameter conditions, for $\phi(\xi)$, exact explicit solitary wave solutions, periodic peakon and anti-peakon solutions are obtained. By integrating known $\phi(\xi)$, nine exact explicit traveling wave solutions of $\psi(\xi)$ are given.
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