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Volume 7, Number 4, 2017, Pages 1488-1502                                                                DOI:10.11948/2017091
Reduced multiscale computation on adapted grid for the convection-diffusion Robin problem
Shan Jiang,Meiling Sun,Yin Yang
Keywords:Multiscale finite element computation, Singular perturbation, Robin problem, Adapted grid, Reduced matrix.
      We propose a reduced multiscale finite element method for a convection-diffusion problem with a Robin boundary condition. The small perturbed parameter would cause boundary layer oscillations, so we apply several adapted grids to recover this defect. For a Robin boundary relating to derivatives, special interpolating strategies are presented for effective approximation in the FEM and MsFEM schemes, respectively. In the multiscale computation, the multiscale basis functions can capture the local boundary layer oscillation, and with the help of the reduced mapping matrix we may acquire better accuracy and stability with a less computational cost. Numerical experiments are provided to show the convergence and efficiency.
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