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Volume 7, Number 3, 2017, Pages 1051-1069                                                                DOI:10.11948/2017066
Hopf-zero bifurcation of a delayed predator-prey model with dormancy of predators
Jingnan Wang,Weihua Jiang
Keywords:Predator-prey model with dormancy of predators; Hopf-zero bifurcation; Time delay; Stability; Periodic orbit
      In this paper, We investigate Hopf-zero bifurcation with codimension 2 in a delayed predator-prey model with dormancy of predators. First we prove the specific existence condition of the coexistence equilibrium. Then we take the mortality rate and time delay as two bifurcation parameters to find the occurrence condition of Hopf-zero bifurcation in this model. Furthermore, using the Faria and Magalhases normal form method and the center manifold theory, we obtain the third order degenerate normal form with two original parameters. Finally, through theoretical analysis and numerical simulations, we give a bifurcation set and a phase diagram to show the specific relations between the normal form and the original system, and explain the coexistence phenomena of several locally stable states, such as the coexistence of multi-periodic orbits, as well as the coexistence of a locally stable equilibrium and a locally stable periodic orbit.
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