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Volume 5, Number 3, 2015, Pages 347-362                                                                DOI:10.11948/2015030
Dynamics of A Damping Oscillator with Impact and Impulsive Excitation
Tengfei Long,Guirong Jiang,Zhaosheng Feng
Keywords:Damping oscillator
      There exist many types of external excitations that make the damping oscillator with impact have complex dynamics. In this study, both external impulsive excitation and impact are considered to construct a vibro-impact system. The fixed time pulse (impulsive excitation) and the state pulse (impact) lead to the complex and interesting dynamics. The conditions of the existence and stability of four kinds of periodic solutions are investigated, and the bifurcations of period-(1, 0) and period-(1, 1) solutions are analytically studied. Numerical simulations on periodic solutions and bifurcation diagrams are shown by the illustrative example.
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