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Volume 3, Number 4, 2013, Pages 399-403                                                                DOI:10.11948/2013029
Peakon Soliton Solutions Of K(2,-2,4) Equation
Shengqiang Tang,Lijing Qiao,Hualiang Fu
Keywords:Peakon, K(2,-2,4) equation, bifurcation method.
      In this paper, the qualitative analysis methods of a dynamical system are used to investigate the peakon soliton solutions of K(2;-2; 4) equation: ut + a(u2)x + b[u-2(u4)xx]x = 0. The phase portrait bifurcation of the traveling wave system corresponding to the equation is given. The explicit expressions of the peakon soliton solutions are obtained by using the portraits. The graph of the solutions are given with the numerical simulation. This supplements the results obtained in [4].
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