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Volume 3, Number 1, 2013, Pages 51-69                                                                DOI:10.11948/2013005
Algebraic aspects of integrability for polynomial differential systems
Yang you Pan,Xiang Zhang
Keywords:Darboux integrability;Elementary integrability;Liouville integrability;Invariant algebraic curves
      In this article we summarize the results on algebraic aspects of integrability for polynomial differential systems and its application, which include the Darboux, elementary and Liouvelle integrability. Darboux theory of integrability was found by Darboux in 1878, and it becomes extremely useful in study of the center focus problem, of bifurcation, of limit cycle problem and of global dynamics. The importance of Darboux theory of integrability is also presented by the Singer's theorem for planar polynomial differential system. That is, if a polynomial system is Liouville integrable, then it is Darboux integrable, i.e. the system has a Darboux first integral or a Darboux integrating factor.
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