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Overlapping multi-domain spectral method for Non-Darcian mixed convection chemically reacting flow of micropolar fluid over a flat plate in a porous media
Musawenkhosi Patson Mkhatshwa,Sandile Sydney Motsa,Mekonnen Shiferaw Ayano,Precious Sibanda
Keywords:Spectral local linearisation method, overlapping multi-domain grid, Micropolar fluid, Thermal radiation, Chemical reaction
      An efficient overlapping multi-domain spectral method is presented and used in the analysis of a two-dimensional steady laminar MHD mixed convection flow, heat and mass transfer over a vertical flat plate embedded in a porous medium. The effect of chemical reaction, thermal radiation, heat source/sink and other parameters influencing the flow has been analyzed by imposing magnetic force transverse to the plate in a non-Darcy porous medium with constant wall temperature and concentration conditions. The flow equations are expressed in dimensionless form and solved using overlapping multi-domain bivariate spectral local linearization method (OMD-BSLLM). An analysis of the convergence and accuracy of the OMD-BSLLM is given using error norms and residual errors. Comparisons with previously published work for special cases of the problem are performed and excellent concurrence is found; hence reliable results are being presented. The influence of certain parameters on the fluid properties and flow characteristics is analyzed. The skin friction, heat and mass transfer coefficients are presented for the concentrated flow and the turbulent boundary layer flow. The flow characteristics are found to be smaller for turbulent boundary layer flows than concentrated particle flows.