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Volume 6, Number 4, 2016, Pages 1152-1163                                                                DOI:10.11948/2016076
A feasible memristive Chua's circuit via bridging a generalized memristor
Quan Xu,Ning Wang,Bocheng Bao,Mo Chen,Changdi Li
Keywords:Generalized memristor, bifurcation, attractor, chaotic circuit.
      By bridging a generalized memristor between a passive $LC$ oscillator and an active $RC$ filter, a simple and feasible memristive Chua's circuit is presented. The generalized memristor without grounded limitation is equivalently achieved by a full-wave rectifier cascaded with a first-order parallel $RC$ filter. The dynamical characteristics of the proposed circuit are investigated both theoretically and numerically, from which it can be found that the circuit has three unstable equilibrium points and demonstrates complex nonlinear phenomena. The experimental circuit is easy to implement and the measurement results validate the results of theoretical analyses.
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